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Implications for the 100-Year Life
The generation currently entering the workforce is the first for which the 100 year life will be the norm rather than the exception. In their new book “The 100-year Life – Living and Working in and Age of Longevity” London Business School Professors Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott explore the impact of longevity on our lives. What happens to patterns of work as our lives extend and what are the implications for individuals, businesses and governments? view
Build Scaffolds to Support Transitory Teams
Increasingly many critical tasks are performed by teams created on the fly, however lack of stability in these teams can hinder their performance. Fluid teams can work better by using the idea of scaffolds to produce greater collaboration and efficiency in temporary teams.view
Unlock progress through a new look at Motivation
The principles game design suggest that rather than focusing on changing people's attitudes and building incentives to increase motivation we need to design the work to be inherently motivating - as well designed games are. The work itself will then inspire and sustain great effort and excellenceview
Changing the Change Leader
One of the challenges for leading change is to always reflect the desired values, beliefs and culture as they perform their role and interact with others. It is easy for leaders to at least on occasion behave not in the way they intend - and realise it only after the damage is done! By focusing not only on the business outcomes but also building self-understanding within change leaders, change outcomes can be accelerated and deepened. view
Lessons for Business from Sport
There are elements that help explain the success of the world class sports teams that can also be applied in business.view
Navigating Change